Overview: Lots of upbeat new wave Pop/punk originals, kind of a No Doubt vibe but more pop than ska
Vocals: Jeannine R
Guitar/bvox: Mike J
Bass/bvox: DC
Drums: Ron L
Dates: maybe 1979-1981or2?
-Playing the Rat on a packed Sat night
-Warming up for The Neigborhoods at Westgate Lounge in Brockton
-A packed Halloween booze cruise in Boston harbor, everyone in costumes, lirs of decorations, it was trippy
-Played at my aunt’s wedding on a flatbed in central MA. We did learn a few mellow tunes (Got to sing a sweet duet with Jeannine on ‘Just You And I’ for the wedding dance). Not sure the mostly rural guests knew what to expect, but before the first keg ran out the crowd was jumping.