Overview: This 9-piece band played weddings and functions. It was interesting to go into these high-end gigs in a tux at a wedding or bar mitzvah after playing a steamy thumping rock show the night before. At a young age, making really good money, it was pretty plush. And I remember they always fed us well.
Their Names: There was a rotating cast of characters. Ususlly HS jazz band kids looking to play boring stuff for quick cash, sometimes a more seasoned or jaded older dude would fill-in and that was always an eye-opener adding another dimension to the proceedings.
Paul S: band leader/sax. His dad was a music teacher who knew music teachers in Brockton which is how I got involved in my Jr yr of HS.
Kris B: Vocalist, former Miss MA, the main draw of the band for sure.
DC: Bass
-Seeing how a working band functions from the inside for really the 1st time.
-One moment playing Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4” really stands out in my memory, being a bit looser than prudent, and the band and crowd kept saying go around again, I must have done a 5 minute bass solo. It was fairly epic, although the fact that I was wearing a tux makes it less of a ‘rock star’ type moment.
-just hanging out with Kris. through a rotating cast of characters we were fairly constant and got to know each other. I was going to BU and she was at Emerson so we would hang out in Boston, too. I was always struck by how down to earth and goofy she was despite being all ‘fasion positive’ n stuff. We introduced each other to a lot of very different people outside of each other’s usual situation. It was funny to see the fish out of water aspect on both sides.