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Some songs come in a flash almost writing themselves, others start with a fragment and take a lot of time. Sometimes a few phrases or bit of conversation get the lyrics going or perhaps a melodic hook or riff takes root that seems to evolve from something you see or hear in nature.
In any case, they are almost like children. We do the best we can with them and then let them loose in the world and whatever happens, happens.

What I have tried to do here is throw back the curtain a little bit. You’ll find lyrics and recordings and video to share the evolution of some of my solo and collaborative creations. I will also do acoustic versions of many of them so that we can see where they stand today in their final incarnation.
In the end, hopefully this will represent a full archive of all my creative endeavors that will live on well beyond my remaining time here.
Digital is permanent, eh?

In the Menu you can browse by group or by song.
Each page will eventually contain everything about that group or song with links to audio and video. For now, I am just trying to upload all the words and link to audio to get started.
Please check back from time to time to see what has been added. Hope you like it. Thanks.
Stay Safe out there everyone !