Anyway, You Asked

(c) 2006 RandomSongs, Ltd
Words & Music by Dan Chaskes

You perfectly puncture pomposity
With subtle elegance and understated style
Embarrassment endures eternally
Indiscriminate ambivalent denial

On a frayed forlorn foundation
Your castle crumbles into dust
The strongest iron gates, if idle
Descend into rust

On your perch so poised
You pout and you peer
On privilege of position you rely
Getting truly real
Is what you really fear
To see what’s right before your eyes

Digressions of delusion disguise direction
Both negative and positive the power of intention
Stoically endure the kaleidoscopic repercussions
Consequences of even unmeant actions

Unrestrained expression, Of essential nature
Uninhibited exhibition, Of eternal features
Elated to be catered to as the center of attention
Bound by your own hand to merely three of the dimensions