Don’t Fit

(c) 2004 RandomSongs, Ltd
Words & Music by Dan Chaskes

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I can’t believe it, what was he thinking
At the last second, trying to squeeze in
Maybe thinking, no-one would notice
But how could anyone miss, doors closing on his ass

Couldn’t take the hint, just standing there stuck
A look of disbelief, at his stroke if bad luck
And then to top it off, up comes someone from behind
He’s wearing a uniform and he’s none too kind

It’s pretty clear you’ve got to get out
You just don’t fit
Your ass is caught inside the door
How can you not feel it
Should have been clear right from the start
When you wedged yourself in
Why’d you waste all our time
To get right out agan

Way too many people, way too little space
Still he tries to slide up, and squeeze on into place
What can you do now, when the room just runs out
Just stand right back and, wait til the next one comes around