(c) 1978 RandomSongs, Ltd
Music by Dan Chaskes
Lyrics by Dan Chaskes & Bob Tonucci

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She’s so perfect
All can see
She thinks she’s hot shit
But not to me

Seen hundreds like her
All just the same
Is it life or death to us
To them its just a game

They all love to make us look
But that’s all you ever get
It’s a thrill to them, who knows why
They use us then forget

So what if she’s wilder
Thats not always better
You know who was wilder than you too
Be glad if you can’t get her

Yeah we’ve all seen them
In every bar and grill
They try to play the horny socialite
But they’re just out to kill

Don’t even bother
To ask her to dance
Even born and raised on muscle beach
You still wouldn’t stand a chance

No man can ever have her
Unless he’s up to par
Thirty million in a Swiss account
And a private chauffered car