Nights Of Red

Words and music by Dan Chaskes
(c) 1983 RandomSongs, Ltd.

Listen now: Nights of Red (TheDC4 version)

Nights of red always begin the same
One little lie gets her into the game
Then she loses control but doesn’t know how
She thinks of being surrounded and they’re all around

When did the line get crossed over
Who is the leader and who are the followers
Why do bright lights frame this incident
Has the trust she earned all been spent

Is it voices screaming
Why don’t they hear her
They’ve heard wolf cried before
But this is different
No one comes near her
Just can’t feel pain any more

Will scars ever heal no one knows
As long as she remembers the sickness grows
Because of one night in the distant past
Her trembling nights of red will always last

Will it be gone tomorrow
Can anyone feel it inside
Why does she always feel surrounded
Have her nights of red all gone by