Who Knew

(c)2006 RandomSongs, Ltd.
Music & Lyrics by Dan Chaskes

All you’ve ever known hits like a blast from the past
All you ever did was react when attacked
Maybe said some things you’d take back if you could
Maybe, maybe not, just don’t know if you should

Why am I the one who must take all the pain
Caught out here alone in the cold driving rain
All there was to give was denial all the while
Never worth too much even at the peak of its style

Echoes of that door you slammed still ringing in my head
The years have all gone racing past us, caught in amber we stood instead

Do not refrain
From asking again
I’ll tell you the same
Who knew
You went away
I had to stay
Why did they say
Who knew

Standing unsuspecting, taken back I find myself
Reliving, though unwilling, rush of memories overwhelms

Despair not for what was but for what might, in time, have been
Drawn beyond ourselves lost in time ageless friend